Who am I?

Hi.  My name is [insert atypical name here].  Poetically, I am the bio-organic soup in a chrysalis, neither new nor blossomed or even alive really.  Just soup.  Soup with potential.

In the literal-vague sense, I am a burgeoning female hidden somewhere within the mountains of the United States.  In a year’s time I plan on conquering the mountain and flying away to the land of seafood and Samsung.  But before that can happen, I must complete several intensive trials of normal-people things.  Like work.  And school.

There are several things one should know about me:

  • I like the color purple, though I’d much rather like red.
  • Frozen confectioneries will always be better than grody hot desserts.
  • You will never find me cooking casseroles.  Ever.
  • Sometimes I kick people in the head literally.
  • Kpop.  Doctor Who.  If these mean anything to you, we’re friends.  Even if they don’t, we’re still friends because I am desperate.
  • I’m still trying to decide whether I like mangoes or not.

I can’t tell if this page is tacky or not, but I’m pretty confident this bio will not end up on dating websites.  Though I’m a total 7 out of 10 on good days, I’m picky, non-verbal, and full of myself so chances are I will join a hipster convent one day and shun the world of those who get all romantical.

Oh, and I’m mediocre.  A mediocre ninja.

And this is my blog.

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