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Puppies are like Drugs

My heart is melting into puddles of gooey honey and ice cream.

I got a puppy.

puppy puppy

I don’t even have much to write, I just wanted to show off this perfect little creature I’ve been given the privilege of growing up with.  It’s funny how much brighter and more beautiful reality is now that I’ve met this tiny being.  I love everyone and everyone loves me and there’s sunshine coming from the dirt and the birds are singing and there’s just joy blossoming from everything and the world is good~

Seriously, getting a puppy is like a drug.  She pees everywhere and needs constant attention and I am beyond allergic to her and NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN.  I learn more from her than I do most humans.  She is just joy and love in puppy form.

This post is sappy sappiness and I don’t care because YOU CAN’T DENY EMOTIONS OF THIS MAGNITUDE.  GAH.