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Men-Wearing-Skirts Rant

If you want my superficiality to be the driving force behind my future album purchases, KPOP, you need to change up your game.


This is a Men-Wearing-Skirts Rant.


When I first entered the realm of KPOP, I had a vague understanding that the predominant feature of most males in the industry was their femininity. Their “prettiness.” Their 꽃미남 je ne sais quois.  I was totally okay with that; being 14, most boys my age looked more like girls anyway.

My parents, however, questioned my peculiar taste in men.

Is that boy wearing makeup?  Is that even male?  Does that boy know how to boy?


I understand their confusion. With infamous gender benders such as Nu’est’s Ren and SHINee’s Taemin, any untrained eye would question their preconceived notions of gender.  Even KPOP fans find themselves second-guessing the supposed sex of their beloved idols.

I forgot how to boy.

I forgot how to boy~

And with cross-dressing, fan service and guyliner, the men of KPOP are not doing much to further the case of their masculinity.

Google guyliner, for instance.

kpop and guyliner

The first related search-term is, no surprise, KPOP, followed by a drugged-up Zac Efron and very angry Russell Brand.

Russell Brand is not pleased.

Russell Brand is not pleased.

Honestly I have no qualms about the lack of masculinity in KPOP.  Besides the fact that I find fan service to be demeaning and unnecessary, I am surprisingly fine with the blurred gender lines.

I am not, however, fine with men wearing skirts.


Yes, I am all for gender equality.  Yes, I completely support self expression.  Artistic exploration, defining your individuality, freeing your balls, whatever.  Wear a skirt then.  However, you cannot force me to enjoy your foray into the artistic side of your soul where Madonna is your under-appreciated muse. I am a black-jeans-white-belt-v-neck sort of gal, and no outfit will ever turn me on more than that boy-next-door look.

Unfortunately, KPOP is the sort of place where attraction directly correlate with album sales. Your skirt, dear sir, is not attractive, and I no doubt that this will affect your album sales (given the superficiality upon which KPOP and its albums are often built).

I am not asking you to change your ways.  The fashion world is asking you to change your ways.  Don’t hate on the messenger.

Hate on the stylist.



Infinite’s “Destiny” Butters my Bread

I acquired approximately 4 hours of sleep last night because a certain Korean boyband decided to release a song and accompanying music video at 9:00 at night.  This would usually pose no threat except for the fact that I physically COULD NOT pull myself away from the screen for 5 hours.  5.  Hours.

You guys just don’t understand.  I…I just…It’s just… I pride myself on being a rational and (relatively) calm fan of Korean pop music.  I honestly dislike even being considered a “kpop fan” because it connotes images of ignorant shallow desperate fangirls who are the very definition of insanity and immaturity (DISCLAIMER: I know not all of y’all are like that).  However, yesterday night my senses were beyond blown.  It’s like Santa Claus implanted a geyser into my esophagus and from it sprung forth a multitude of unstoppable giggles.  My brain could not even process the enormity of this single event the first time around.  The stars fell and volcanoes erupted and the world ended and I was in love.

It was that epic.

This defining moment has a name.  And it’s name is “Destiny.”


Firstly, the song is absolutely brilliant.  The composition is so compact and clean it brings OCD-infused tears to my eyes.  The whole grungy electronic sound with a splash of dubstep and enough piano to keep it musical makes my ears dance.

Secondly, the dance is just straight up perfection.  Beyond complicated yet seamless.  I can’t even imagine how someone would come up with choreography so…perfect.

Lastly, everything else.  The setting, the camerawork, the outfits, the hair, the concept, EVERYTHING is so my style it’s not even funny.  It’s like Woollim Entertainment probed my brain and took every aspect of life I cannot resist and put it into one amazing moment that lasts 4 minutes 11 seconds.  Except even I could never come up with something this tremendous.

The part that gets me the most is the end bit of the music video where everything just goes to hell and it’s pure chaos.  Everyone bursting into flames and exploding and insanity rampant in everything and just CRAZY.  Conveying all the feels exactly how I feel them.

Just…good job Infinite.  Good job Woollim.  Good job producers and cameramen and directors and choreographers and stylists and EVERYONE.  GOOD JOB YOU FOR MAKING IT THIS FAR.

Pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to 5 hours of Infinite.