Cylindrical Pail Agenda

(more colloquially recognized as “Bucket List”):

  • Earn Black Belt in TaeKwonDo SEPTEMBER 28, 2013
  • General Amateur Radio License
  • Become fluent in Korean
  • Refrain from becoming a Casserole Mother  Accomplished every day, bishes.
  • Scuba-diving License
  • Skydive
  • Kick a board so hard it bursts into flames
  • Run a marathon
  • Write a novel
  • Create and publish videos on Youtube
  • Perfect “The Cup Song”
  • Have an at-home library
  • Attend a masquerade
  • Go skinny-dipping
  • Chase a tornado
  • Be on “The Amazing Race”
  • Major production of a song
  • Perfect Grace Potter and The Nocturnals’ “Stars”

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