I Can’t Write but at Least I Have Knees

Me: Just write something epic already. Something that will get you internet famous. Something with Doritos.
Brain: No.
Me: At least write something that expands your talents as a writer.
Brain: Bish I’m too fabulous for that.
Me: Just write anything, for the love of all that’s spicy.
Brain: You’re not my mother.
Brain: YOUR MOM.

So pretty much I got nothin. Life is neither good nor bad, so I can’t complain or brag about anything.

I went to the doctor’s today for a checkup. Somehow they make me feel guilty for not drinking or smoking or doing drugs…they’re all “well I don’t know what to do now…lemme hit your knee and see if that leads to cancer.”

No cancer, but I do have bad reflexes so that made the doctor feel better.


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