This isn’t Russian West Side Story

I am surrounded by weird conversations 24/7.

For clarification, “A” is 13 and obsessed with bowel movements while 17-year-old “Z” is a bit more pragmatic.

And they are both my brothers.  And this conversation happened over a peaceful breakfast one obscure morning.  Out of the blue.  Like all things in my life.

A: Have you ever heard [MediocreNINja] fart?”

Z: Yes. Then the world exploded.

A: So that’s how the Civil War started…

Me: What I wasn’t even alive back then-

A: The Civil War. Ya know, the East against the West.  Republicans against the Dominion.

Z: Don’t you mean the Confederacy?

A: No that was the Soviet War.


Ladies and gentlemen, my family.


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