Bear Rant

“This man is smarter than the average bear.”

Humans are funny.  We take a non-verbal creature, judge it based on its ability to retain human information, then reign ourselves supreme for being the more human of the two.

Besides the fact that the concept of intelligence is based entirely on human characteristics and actions, we have no proof (that I am aware of) that bears have a lesser degree of human intelligence than we do.  Maybe we have inferior communication skills to bears, rendering us incapable of carrying on conversations.  Is not “communication” a point of intelligence?  Dogs and dolphins and animals of all sorts can understand human words, yet we have not yet figured out how to unlock any of nature’s languages.

And while I’m at it, where exactly did we acquire these statistics averaging the millions of bears’ intelligence??  Some arctophiliac scientist with too much time on his hands, I suppose.  Or perhaps the bears’ themselves submitted these statistics in an effort to keep the knowledge of their intelligence to a minimum.

That’s true intelligence right there.




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